Healthy Eating Habits

Louis Therien

Off-season, Halloween and Thanksgiving have passed; now it’s time to get back to your healthy eating habits for the start of your next athletic season! Seems like too many people overcomplicate things when it comes to nutrition or simply aren’t thinking about the effects that certain foods may have on their performance. I’ve always employed thesimple strategy of asking myself: “is this healthy for me, and will it help me become a better athlete?” By asking yourself this question prior to making a nutrition decision, chances are, you’ll make the right choice! Obviously, if you always answer NO you may “blow up” and overindulge by eating an entire box of Oreo’s, so make sure to reward yourself with goodies every so often!

My constant daily nutritious snack/meal is a smoothie. Load it with fruit, veggies, chia seeds, greens, coconut milk, yogurt and basically anything you have in the fridge and you have yourself one tasty drink! Great for post swims or a mid-morning snack. Probably the most nutritious meal and easiest to make!

Healthy eating habits are essential for strong performances!


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